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With a unique perspective and ideas, it provides a sense of the works of the new era.

Registration Period:
From June 1, 2023, to October 4, 2023, until 23:59.

Registration Requirements:
Open to all nationalities.
Participants must be 18 years of age or older as of December 31, 2022.

Number of Entries:
Each person can submit a maximum of 3 works.
Multiple works should not be submitted as a single entry.

Registration Fee:
No refund requests will be accepted.

General Participants:
1 work: 3,300 Japanese Yen
2 works: 5,500 Japanese Yen
3 works: 6,600 Japanese Yen

1 work: 2,200 Japanese Yen
2 works: 3,850 Japanese Yen
3 works: 5,500 Japanese Yen

Eligible Submissions:
Various forms, materials, three-dimensional, two-dimensional, video, installations, or other forms of artwork.
Works created after 2022 that have not been previously published.
Weight limit: Up to 20 kg.

Two-Dimensional Artwork:
The total dimensions of the artwork (length, width, and height) should not exceed 180 cm.

Three-Dimensional Artwork:
The individual dimensions of the artwork (length, width, and height) should not exceed 100 cm.

Installation Artwork:
No restrictions, except that artworks that cannot be exhibited at the venue cannot be submitted.

Video Artwork:
Duration should be within 10 minutes.

Grand Prix: 1 winner - 1,000,000 Japanese Yen prize money + opportunity for a solo exhibition.
Excellence Award: 1 winner - 300,000 Japanese Yen prize money + opportunity for a solo exhibition.
Special Award: 1 winner - 100,000 Japanese Yen prize money + opportunity for a planned exhibition.
Encouragement Award: Several winners - 10,000 Japanese Yen prize money + opportunity for a planned exhibition.
(Note: The number of recipients may vary for each award.)



Masato Kobayashi

Atsushi Suwa

Kaoru Usukubo

Introducing the judges

All artworks selected in the first round of review will be exhibited at the Changting Gallery.
Exhibition Name: "Changting Gallery Exhibition"
Exhibition Period: December 2023 (tentative)
Venue: Changting Gallery (tentative)
Organizer: Changting Gallery

Deadline for Registration: October 4, 2023, at 23:59 Japan Standard Time

Registration Method:
Email Registration:
Please send the following registration information to the designated email address:

After submitting the required materials, purchase the corresponding registration fee from the official website's store:

Participants in Japan can transfer money directly to the gallery bank account

Branch Name: YOKOYAMACHO Branch (040)
Bank Address: 4-1 Nihombashiyokoyamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0003, Japan

Accout No: 3034878

When making the purchase, please provide your personal information as entered during the registration process.
Failure to confirm the registration fee payment will result in disqualification from participating.

Email Subject:
【Changting Gallery Exhibition Registration】

Email Content:
Participant Information + Artwork Information + Payment Proof

Participant Information:
Name (Japanese + English)
Nationality (Japanese + English)
Affiliated Institution
Home Address
Phone Number
Return Address (if different from home address)
Return Phone Number (if different from home phone number)
Personal Resume + Artwork Portfolio PDF file (within 10MB)
Valid identification document to confirm age (photo, within 2MB)

Artwork Information (For multiple artworks, provide information for each artwork separately):
Artwork Title (Japanese and English, or Japanese only)
Artwork Dimensions, Weight, Materials, Production Year (Japanese and English, or Japanese only)
Artwork Price (in Japanese Yen)
Artwork Statement (up to 100 characters, Japanese and English, or Japanese only)
Artwork Images (up to 4 images: 1 overall view + 3 close-up views, each image within 2MB)
For video artworks, submit the video file (duration up to 10 minutes, size within 20MB) in addition to images.

Payment Proof

Screenshot containing the payer's name, payment amount, and payment date.

First Round of Review:
Mid-October 2023
Based on the submitted artwork photos and materials, the first round of review will be conducted, and only selected participants will be notified of the results.
The review results will be published on the official website.
Artworks selected in the first round will be exhibited at the gallery.
Authors whose artworks pass the first round will be notified via email, along with exhibition guidelines and a commitment form. The committed authors should send the signed commitment form to the secretariat by the specified deadline.

Final Review:
December 2023
The judges will physically review the artworks.
Participants who pass the first round will be requested to deliver or send their artworks to the designated venue.
Winning artworks will be determined through the final review.
Selected artworks that did not receive awards will be exhibited as non-awarded entries. No certificates will be awarded for non-awarded entries.

Artwork Delivery/Moving-In Time (for participants who pass the first round only):

The cost of sending the artworks is borne by the participants.
Please make sure to pack your artworks in a box or container suitable for transportation.
Avoid using wooden boxes for international shipping.
Unpacked artworks will not be accepted.
The organizing committee is not responsible for any damages during transportation. If necessary, participants should insure their artworks.
Unpacking and inspection will be carried out on the day of delivery. If any damages are discovered upon unpacking, the committee will contact the exhibitor, and any subsequent repairs or insurance matters will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.
The committee is not responsible for any damages during transportation that result in the inability to participate.
Artworks that do not match the initial review may lose their eligibility for exhibition.
The exhibition will be arranged based on the submitted artwork photos. If there are specific display requirements, please provide a sketch in the commitment form.

※ The following information applies only to overseas participants:

All necessary shipping costs for participation must be borne by the participant.
If an overseas participant brings the artworks in person or through a designated representative and incurs customs or import fees upon entry or shipping fees in Japan, those expenses must be covered by the participant and will not be reimbursed by the organizing committee.
Even if sent by an agent, the contact with the committee will be with the participant directly.
Please research the necessary precautions for international shipping on your own.

Announcement of Results:
December 2023 (tentative) - Results will be published on the official website of Changting Gallery and various social media accounts.

Exhibition and Artwork Management/Return:
All exhibited artworks will be displayed at the "Changting Gallery

Artwork Management:

From the time the artworks are received until they are returned, professional personnel designated by the organizing committee will handle the unpacking and display of the artworks, ensuring the most appropriate treatment. The organizing committee is not responsible for circumstances beyond their control, such as natural disasters.

Regarding intellectual property rights related to the artworks, the following guidelines apply:

a. When the organizing committee and public organizations, such as local authorities, carry out promotional activities and exhibitions, they should have the right to use the intellectual property rights of the exhibited artworks.

b. The images of the artworks sent by participants during registration can be used for the production of catalogs, postcards, posters, and other printed materials and promotional materials.

c. During the exhibition period, there are no restrictions on the use of the artworks.

d. If the submitted images of the artworks are to be used for purposes other than the intended use, negotiations should be conducted between the interested party and the participant.

e. Award-winning artworks and selected artworks may be re-photographed and used under the arrangement of the organizing committee.

f. In principle, it is prohibited for anyone other than the organizing committee to engage in sketching or photography for the purpose of interviews and documentation within the exhibition venue.

Return of Artworks:

After the exhibition ends, professional logistics companies will be entrusted with the return of the artworks. If any damage occurs during transportation, please contact the logistics company directly. The organizing committee is not responsible for any damages.

The return shipping costs are borne by the participants.

If you refuse to bear the shipping costs and the artworks cannot be returned, the artworks will be directly invalidated.

If the participant is sending the artworks from overseas and the return destination is in Japan, the return shipping fees and insurance fees will be paid by the recipient. If the organizing committee bears the customs clearance fees and transportation costs upon receiving the artworks, they may charge the recipient for these expenses.

If the participant refuses to accept the delivery, the organizing committee will handle the artworks directly and discard them.

The return of artworks will take approximately two weeks after the end of the exhibition.

On the day of the exhibition's conclusion, participants can directly retrieve their artworks.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Please provide a brief description of your issue.

Replies may take around one week.

Phone inquiries will not be accepted.

We will not respond to questions regarding the selection results or reasons for non-selection.

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