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Author: 李睿Rui Li

Material: Digital Art-Artistic Microspray

Size: 40cm×50cm

Edition: 100

"Dream Syndrome"-1

  • Rui Li

    From China
    Born in the 1980s, in the China.
    Graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine 
    ArtsA watchman who chased his ideals
    Artist + international school art teacher + DrawTogether contracted illustrator = cruising painter.
    In terms of style, I like the combination of surrealism and absurdity, and feel that this is what the world looks like after being uncovered.

    2013. Chengdu single-year joint exhibition. Chengdu. China.
    2014. Chengdu Single Year Exhibition, telephone exhibition "Boom, Empty". Chengdu. China.
    2015.DongTa (DRAW TOGETHER) digital painting lecture. Chengdu. China.
    2016.DRAW TOGETHER New Media Art Exhibition. YuShangHeMei Art Space .Chengdu domain. China.
    2017. "Mobile Chengdu" Art Exhibition. Chengdu IFS. China.
    2021. City Lights New Year Art Exhibition. Chengdu Wuhou Cultural Center, Chengdu. China.
    2021. Untitled Art Exhibition. Cave Art Space, Chengdu. China.
    2021. [20 Artists Occupy Bubble Mart] Art Exhibition. Wangfujing amp, Beijing. China.
    2021."ICON" Theme Exhibition, Boomer Gallery, London,UK

    "Dream Syndrome" series
    In fact, the simple appearance envelops the complex heart. It can be intangible, concrete, chaotic, or all images that arise from one's heart. People are always full of fickle romanticism in the gap of survival.
    Digital Art-2021

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