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Saki Matsumura
combination-vortex 13
Wood panel, cotton cloth, acrylic paint

combination-vortex 13

  • Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1993. Graduated from the Painting Area of KYOTO UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS in 2017. Currently based in Kyoto. Combines multiple techniques such as painting, silk-screen printing, and spray work to create artworks with strong colors, layers, and a sense of dimension. Explores new visual experiences and imagines unseen landscapes.

    My motivation for painting is my interest in human perception and sensation.Acrylic paint is the primary painting medium in my work.I paint using a combination of multiple techniques, including hand-drawing, silk-screening, and stenciling. A snarky and inconsistent pictorial space is created.By looking at the painted space as an illusion or distortion, we confirm our own perception.It also expands our imagination of multidimensional landscapes and sensations that we cannot perceive in the real world.I believe that imagination leads to an ever-changing perspective and relationship with the world around us.



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